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Napa Valley Wines

Luxury Wines

Wine collectors may revel in these rare delights, as, in the end, fine wine is the only true art that must be destroyed in order to be fully appreciated. We strive to offer you the pleasures of both art forms.

Amuse Bouche Napa Valley Red Blend from Heidi Barrett

Amuse Bouche

2016 Napa Valley Red Wine Blend

Twenty years ago, Jim Laube of the Wine Spectator asked Heidi where our vineyard holdings for Amuse Bouche Winery were located. Heidi replied, "I would have to kill you if I told you!" A long silence ensued at our lunch table. This slightly awkward, tongue-in-cheek moment from our wine history is the inspiration for our Vintage 2016 artwork. Heidi Barrett herself painted "A Secret Vineyard," a lovely image that perhaps may give further guidance to Mr. Laube. Heidi has been painting as long as she has been making wine, and we are thrilled to showcase both of her amazing talents in and on the bottle with our Amuse Bouche 2016.

Vin Perdu Napa Valley 2016 Red Wine from Heidi Barrett

Vin Perdu

Vin Perdu Napa Valley 2017 Red Wine

The Vin Perdu 2017 Bordeaux-blend is masterfully composed by Winemaker Heidi Barrett to include: 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Cabernet Franc from the La Sirena, Amuse Bouche, and Fantesca vineyards.

Pret a Boire 2014 Napa Valley Rose wine

Prêt à Boire

Prêt à Boire 2018 Rosé Napa Valley

We are pleased to offer you Prêt à Boire 2018, the eight vintage of rosé wine produced from our high-altitude Syrah and Grenache vineyards located in the East Rutherford hills of Napa Valley.

This southern French-style blend is composed of 63% Grenache and 37% Syrah from our high-altitude vineyards in the eastern Rutherford hills. It remains the only rosé produced in the US that garners 90+ pt ratings from all the top wine critics.

Richard G. Peterson Napa Valley Pinot Noir and Brut Rose

Richard G. Peterson

Luxury Wines

We are pleased to offer you two wonderful wines, Brut Rosé and Pinot Noir, from California legend Richard G. Peterson. Dick Peterson has been an innovator in the California wine industry since the 1960s. We are thrilled to celebrate Dick Peterson's contributions to the California wine industry with two limited production wines, and we are committed to creating truly remarkable vintages of these wines for years to come.